To Do List…

I need a list. I love lists! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures….one of yours too? 😉

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of the things that I, along with Penny, want to make and bake! If you have any requests then please feel free to comment at the bottom or email them to me at and I will add them to the list!

Here goes……

1. Practice piping! – Its like i’m scared of messing up so I don’t do it! Daft…

2. Go on a (another) cupcake decorating course

3. Make my own short crust pastry pie (I’m thinking Steak! 😉 )

4. Master baking vegan cakes – I’ve made some vegan cupcakes before but they have been quite inconsistent!

5. Make my own battenberg! Recently inspire by my friend Pete at work 🙂

6. Bake some Christmas Tarts

7. Get Dave’s Chilli recipe on here!

8. Learn how to make danish pastries (Cinnamon swirls mainly, love them!)

9. Bake a rainbow cake! All the pretty colours…..might even adorn it with a unicorn..

10. Make my own sausages – Penny is pretty key in this one!

11. Make my own dough balls – if Pizza Express can do it – So can we! 😉

12. Learn how to make a focaccia – definitely one involving sundried tomatoes!!!

13. Through a bake and bring party! Will definitely need a bigger place to do this…

14. Make my own pasta

15. Learn how to make some macaroons – pretty colourful, tasty ones

16. Make a layered celebration cake!

17. Make waffles

18. Make my own Vanilla Extract

19. Make my own Cinnamon oil

20. Make more soups – currently we only make Tomato, Leek & Potato and French Onion – all delish but feel like I should branch out more!

21. By more cake stands!


3 thoughts on “To Do List…

  1. Any recipes for Christmas cake? Not too demanding please, I want to feel the Christmas spirit, ( brandy probably,) and think more home baking will help

  2. Hi Sylvia – absolutely! I plan to be making mine (full of the Christmas Spirit) this week so will hopefully have a recipe up for you before the end of the week 🙂


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