Gin Cake

gin cakeLast weekend it was The Boy’s birthday 🙂 ❤ (Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!)

Lots of fun and gin was had by all… fact, I would probably say that the weekend was sponsored by Gin….!

Dave has recently re-discovered his love for the stuff and as a surprise I ordered him the Alexander & James Tanqueray Gin Set – it’s amazing! As a double whammy, I made him a gin cake! *Drool*

The original recipe for this cake is from Lucy at Pudding Lane – a very lovely little part of the blogisphere 🙂 Her blog is gorgeous and her food photography puts mine to shame!

I don’t drink gin, I don’t like it……….or at least, I didn’t think I did.

As a conscious decision, I never eat my bakes (aside from trying a tiny slice to make sure it isn’t poisonous 😉 ) I usually give them away to friends, family and work colleagues – after all, the more they eat, the less I do! Anyway, I digress…….this cake is amazing and I definitely ate more than Dave…..! Clearly I was wrong about gin! (It happens from time to time)!

As this is in no way my recipe, I recommend you check out Lucy’s blog for the full details! I used Hendricks Gin but the recipe doesn’t specify, so go ahead and use your favourite gin tipple 😉 I used a Bundt tin instead of a loaf tin and decorated my cake with lime wedges for a bit of colour 🙂

Gin cake

Gin cake

Gin cake

Gin cake

Tanqueray Gin Set

The gorgeous (!) birthday boy ♥

Enjoy! Love S & P x

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